Cruiser II $1995

Two people on the water, in a safe boat with a lot of room. With the CRUISER II you can glide safely and without any problems across the water. You are going to enjoy it!
The Cruiser is easy to maneuver and have good tracking qualities. The very large hatch facilitates easy climbing in and out and gives you a very free feeling when sitting. Due to the large, sealed-off storage compartment in the rear and the hard foam core at the front, the Cruisers are almost unsinkable.

 Unsinkable due to the firm foam core. 110 l partitioned storage space.


The world-famous HTP material with 5-Year Extended Warranty for HTP

Cruiser II

Technical data   driving characteristics  
Length 470 cm   + + + Tracking  
Width 73 cm   + + + + + Stability  
Weight 37 kg   + + + + Maneuverability  
Volume 510 l   + + + Speed  
Capacity 240 kg